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WEB Catch TM

WEB Catch TM - Dropped Object Protection Systems

WEB Catch™ is a unique dropped object protection solution, designed to provide maximum protection against the risk of free-falling dropped objects. Provided as a collection of engineered netting systems that can work individually – or together - WEB Catch™ offers protection to work teams who may be tasked with working close to areas with the potential for dropped objects.

Each project is engineered with consideration to specific site requirements for partial or total containment of the worksite. Typical deployments for this special dropped object system include the underside of bridges, offshore installations, steel plants, nuclear facilities and construction projects. Installations are carried out, worldwide by our network of trained rope access expert partners.

  • Quick Installation:

    Collective dropped object protection

  • Enhanced Safety:

    The working crew experiences a high factor of safety at the site

  • Light In Weight:

    WEB Catch™ is in Low self-weight

  • Dimensions - bespoke sizes
  • Factor of Safety (FOS) - min 3:1 - depending on project requirements
  • WEB Catch™ is made from High Tenacity Polyester, Stainless or Galvanized Steel, Nylon or Dyneema
  • Each net has a unique ID and tag identifying the specifications
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