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Mobile Access Platform


WEB has designed and manufactured an innovative Mobile Access Platform (Map) suitable for access to difficult work areas with several unique features. WEB Map is especially applicable to bridge works. Reduced installation and dismantling times: WEB Map is extremely fast to install and dismantle compared to scaffolding. Our clients have been able to bring down costs dramatically by using WEB Map.

Improved productivity:

The platforms provide a stable and effective work site for carrying out a variety of work tasks. WEB Map is especially useful for jobs requiring a lot of tools and equipment.

Modular system reduces transportation costs:

The platform is built in 2 or 3 metre collapsible sections. The platform sections can be transported inside a typical VW Transporter size van eliminating transportation difficulties. Sections when collapsed fit easily through narrow hatches.

Modular system suitable for many work sites:

The platform sections can be joined together to form longer sections. This feature means that the platforms can be used in a variety of work areas depending upon the requirements dictated by the work site. Tested up to 9m in length.

Fully compliant with all relevant UK regulations:

The 2 metre platform is extremely light, weighing only 24kg complying with Manual Handling Regulations. This makes the platform easily manoeuvrable. A two metre section can be carried by one person and fits inside a standard lift/elevator.

  • Alloy collapsible map 24kg per 2m
  • Galvanised Steel Stirrups for durability and strength.
  • Load capacity 500kg for 2m section
  • Load capacity 450kg for 3m section
  • Load capacity 350kg for 6m section
  • Compatible with commonly used manu-al and electric winch systems
  • Easy to construct containment habitat for welding/burning operations and containment of debris.