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WEB Net™ – Walk On Netting Systems

WEB Net™ is a proprietary ‘work positioning’ or ‘walk-on’ netting system, allowing maintenance teams to carry out lighter works safely at height. Typical deployments would be high-rise construction projects, the underside of bridges, pipe racks, conveyor systems and associated infrastructure.

WEB Net™ is a stable ‘walk-on’ tensioned netting system exhibiting excellent tensile strength. This system has been engineered and developed over many years and is constructed to minimize deflection, normally associated with most netting.

Lower transport & storage costs:

WEB Net™ is 5-10% of the weight and volume of scaffolding. WEB Net™ is easier and cheaper to transport. Storage space required on site and in the yard is reduced.

Lower load weight:

WEB Net™ has a significantly lower self-weight, allowing it to be used on structures that do not have a high load capacity.

Safer installation & dismantling:

WEB Net™ is installed by rope access methods. Rope access is statistically safer than using fall arrest methods.

Fully compliant with all relevant regulations:

Complies with all aspects of UK Work At Height Regulations 2005 and Manual Handling Regulations.

WEB Net™ provides a work positioning suitable for a wide variety of work tasks including surface preparation and coating application, masonry & concrete repairs, pipe-work installation and inspection.

This multifunctional system can be altered to provide heavyweight debris containment, site protection, over-side containment and work separation.

Operatives who work from the net are attached to a pri-mary twin rope or wire rope safety system. This ensures they comply with Work At Height 2005 and BS7985 2002 regulations. These operatives only require to be trained for work at height in order to work from the WEB Net™.


  • WEB Net™ is made from High Tenacity Polyester which is UV stabilised. WEB Net™ are guaranteed for 5 years.
  • Knotted to provide a sure footing.
  • 5 Test Cord strips are attached to the net for annual testing.
  • Each net has a unique ID and tag identifying the specification.
  • All rigging components are con-structed by European manufacturers and supplied with a Certificate of Conformity, Test Certificate, and/or Proof Load Test and Identification Certificate.