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WEB Deck™ – Suspended Access Decking System with Options for Tidal Situations

WEB Deck™ provides a solid, stable working platform that allows maintenance teams to carry out a variety of heavy work tasks safely. Typical deployments would include the underside of bridges, jetties, pipe racks, conveyor systems and associated infrastructure.

WEB Deck™ has a simple, modular, yet lightweight and strong design, allowing rapid installation and dismantling. It features a patented hook and clasp system which secures each WEB Deck™ unit to a tensioned wire rope system.

WEB Net™ – Walk On Netting Systems

WEB Net™ is a proprietary ‘work positioning’ or ‘walk-on’ netting system, allowing maintenance teams to carry out lighter works safely at height. Typical deployments would be high-rise construction projects, the underside of bridges, pipe racks, conveyor systems and associated infrastructure.

WEB Net™ is a stable ‘walk-on’ tensioned netting system exhibiting excellent tensile strength. This system has been engineered and developed over many years and is constructed to minimize deflection, normally associated with most netting.

WEB Catch™ – Dropped Object Protection Systems

Multi-level working on an asset can pose serious risk of injury – or damage – from potential dropped objects from above. WEB Catch™ is a collection of engineered netting solutions from WEB Systems™ International that are designed to protect against these risks.